Creativity requires capital.

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You have more access to music than ever before, but the current economics aren’t sustainable. Give is a gift economy for the 21st century. A scalable system that enables a seamless transfer of money from you to the artists that enrich your life with music.

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These are Gifts. They are a direct transaction of any amount of money from a Patron to an Artist. People Give because they want the artists they love to keep making the music they love. Patrons can leave a message on their Gift for the artist to see.

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There are over 3 million artists profiles on Give, and you can add any artist that you would like to support. Some artists are Verified. This means that the artist has taken ownership of the profile and gets paid at the end of each month.

Are you an artist?

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Everyone loves music

It transports you: whether you are making dinner, waking up, walking to work, enjoying a quiet afternoon, traveling solo, sharing moments with friends, dancing to your favourite song, or just listening.

Artists make music. They create the songs and sounds that form the soundtrack of our lives. Give is a service that allows you to directly support the artists that you love.

It's a response to a massive shift in the creation and consumption of music. The Internet has bridged the gap between artists and fans and has opened incredible new methods of music distribution. The old rules, based on the idea of selling a physical product, no longer apply.

There are a myriad of ways to buy, download, stream, sample, and share music — some of which compensate artists financially and others that don’t. Many artists don’t get paid as much as they should.

Give is a platform that aims to fill this void. It allows you to give any amount of money to any artist. Directly.

Much more than a “like” or a “stream”, this method of support carries weight. It’s an act of patronage that simultaneously expresses gratitude and supports the artist's future work.

There is a small team working behind Give. We are not in it for a quick buck. There is no exit strategy. We love art of all kinds and have a close connection with music. We believe that the ability to support artists financially is a critical part of a healthy creative landscape.

We are here, and we will keep making Give a reality.

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